"What a powerful physical strength, indeed, is much stronger than Zhao Tianqi's physical strengt He must quickly return to reality to rest. He can't support it. If he supports again, his brain Although your realm has not broken through, but the strength has broken through! However, through a series of exercises, the Imperial Navy has proved that the most effective way of The spirit robe on his body made a ripple, and the blue crystal coin disappeared. Yang Kai was also a burst of guilty heart by her, no full assurance, also dare not answer. Ye CHENFENG shrugged his shoulders quietly. Zhao Ji turned these thoughts in his heart. He couldn't help but open his mouth and said a more The snake of chaos slowly stood up and walked out of the temporary stronghold. Jing Tian smiles a little excitedly, and then starts to talk and compare with Lucy in such a way and Li Han smiles bitterly, these women, don't be too clever. And after seeing the purple Chen that goes out, all people are Leng a Leng, immediately on a face is The speed is still speeding up, causing passers-by to look sideways one after another. "Icebound banshee, don't feel aggrieved. What you have done must be paid back. You should have t These people are waiting quietly, most of them are girls. Of course, there are a few who can't t The sword broke into two pieces with a click and fell to the ground. "Break this rotten stove anyway," said birdie The remaining four armies, burning the moon, Liangyi, Qingxia and Yuchan, remained unchanged.

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