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At this time, the Templars led by father Morris mounted the wall. Of course, the first two of these three space fields are fundamentally a kind of talent. "In the legend of Qiu Zhixiong, the most powerful one of the three thousand years ago, the most powe Even those superstars of the Emperor may lose their links, and even some singer of the Queen's d The South China Sea was granted six products of the immortal Kingdom, and the South China Sea City M It seems to have received a very important thing from the jade Fu. Jiangshan sighed leisurely, then closed his eyes and fell asleep quietly. After you heard that, there was a lot of discussion, but for such a competition system, we did not h But Yi Zong's Armored Cavalry still walked slowly on the plain as before. His figure appeared not far away, and the black shadow behind him stabbed him, and the spear pierced If there is any danger, Taichu city will leave this Muyang star region. The commander-in-chief heard this, looked at the wooden tiger, and did not speak. Yang opened his eyes with a look of horror. "I didn't expect that the kind of unknown legend from the ancient times really exists!" The other looked at his companion's pain and couldn't help shivering. Is this his end? Yue Chong naturally knew Ling Sha's idea, but when these people suddenly appeared, he always fel "This pupil's hand is a big problem. The equipment is so good." See Xiao Ping lenglengleng looking at himself, Irina instinctively want to give him a white eye.

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