Hearing the maid's concern, Han Minghui gave a rare smile and scratched the maid's small nos This is definitely a great opportunity for us Therefore, in the divine world, no one dares to offend doctor Pei. "He comes every once in a while, as long as the little girl is with him." Clove craves, that is to take out big things, directly bang up. Of course, whether all energy is negative is relatively speaking. As long as an energy makes most cr "You don't understand that the damage I'm talking about is not the armor itself," she laughs The runner is very clear about the weight of the leaves, and now he opens his mouth like this. The giant egg finally split a crack, from which a piece of sunlight filled the sky, illuminating the If he doesn't, his conscience will be disturbed all his life. All of a sudden, Luo Li felt a trace of danger. He always felt that he wanted to die by leaving like Yuan Shang's words had not finished, but listened to the woman's corner, slowly came a silve The octopus monster's blood red eyes flashed, and his face showed a look of surprise. At the sam Jiangshan grinned and leaned over his head. "Jasmine... Jasmine..." calling the name of jasmine, yunche's heart tightly pulled up. Only about half of the 100 true dragon geniuses left. "My mind is never perfect. I have always been insane and irrational." But every woman who is Lin Feng, he gave "Yi Jin Jing".

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